Dear Rendy,

Thank you for helping me and supporting me on my journey to become Mrs Singapore 2019 with SyncFlow.

Over the years, I have been trying out different things and applying them to myself. I go to seminars to learn from the best not only for myself, but my family & friends in mind to benefit from the different learnings I have from the different guru. I have never experienced anything like SyncFlow which opens me up beyond what I am aware possible for myself, create breakthroughs within minutes.

As you know my objective in taking part in this Pageant is so that I can reach out to more people with authenticity, to share what I have learned. That is why many months back, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take the Mrs Singapore Pageant route.

As the months go by on this journey, in a few long moments I doubted myself, can I really do this? With the help of SyncFlow, it really changed my awareness and strengthened my believes why I am doing this in the first place and what I really stand for.

Rendy, I am grateful and willing to help you in your quest to reach out to more people like me, who seek the state of harmony to build a legacy for their families for many years to come.

Thank you Rendy!

I sincerely hope that whoever is reading this take an active role in creating breakthroughs in their lives. These breakthroughs not only affect ourselves but our loved ones too.

With Purpose, Love & Gratitude Heart, ♥️

Vivian Passion Koh
Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019
MS Elegance 2019
TKS Crown for COMPASSION 2020

I found the dialogues I had with Rendy very enlightening. It truly increased my awareness of my own situations. The sessions enabled me to get more in-tuned with what I needed to do to get into the flow so that I can manifest synchronicity in my life.
Serene Seng
The sessions conducted by Rendy enhanced my life. I especially like the open dialogue sessions, it helps me discover my inner self. The varies practices helps me align my life journey with the environment and people around us, let go of my fear and the past that hold me back. Looking at life from the perspective of others rather than only my own and what I want to create a wonderful life. Now I can look at the roadblocks in my life journey positively as it gives me space to grow.
Aaron Quek
Chartered Accountant
Before getting to know Rendy, I felt I was listlessly drifting through life. Through these sessions, I learned not to be carried away by such emotions and take it a day at a time. Rendy gives everyone a safe space to speak their truth and through group practices and dialogues, we help each other become better versions of ourselves.
Justin Lai
Marketing & Operations Manager