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From Ego to Eco

Help Business, Society and Self in Leadership Transformation with Courage, Trust, Collaboration in Diversity globally.​

Established in 2019 bringing Heartware into Business, Society and Self

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The Tension

From our experience, there are social awareness-based gaps a few are aware of, less talk about addressing them. These gaps create leadership challenges, affect our relationships with ourselves and others, even day to day communication. SyncFlow bridges the gap by introducing Heartware Innovation that enables Awareness-Based Collective Action, building authentic relationships that last!


Love and Gratitude VS Right or Wrong


Supportive and grow together VS Personal benefits


Maintain mental, emotional and body health daily VS Medication

career/ Business

Actively generating value VS Passively benefiting


Immersive learning and inversive experience VS Mediocre learning


Human Being VS Human Doing


Abundance Being VS Trace of Scarcity


Intuitive Action VS Doubt

From Ego to Eco

SyncFlow Is A Leadership Transformation Company​

We Provide Various Services Aim To Help Business, Society And Self Grow. Capitalising On The Tension And Uncertainty That Divides Us.​

Established in 2019 by Rendy Tan Ravi with the support of Dr Vivian Passion Koh to bring Heartware Innovation to organisations and communities within Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region.

Help to deal with leadership tension and uncertainty with Courage, Trust, Collaboration among diverse business, society and self

SyncFlow was established to help business, society and self to build Trust across cultures, sectors and unique differences globally with newfound courage, emerging possibilities and potentials for cooperation and collaboration.


SyncFlow tackles the challenges at the root, uncovers the blind spots in your leadership culture. Unlock the true potential been stiffed.

SyncFlow understands the tension and uncertainty that comes with change. We create safe and supported environments that stretch individuals out of their comfort zone.

SyncFlow pollinates the principles of lifelong Trusts through processes and practices that create safe and supported environments. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Experiential learning in Nature, how the things around us and us are interconnected and related. Through our Heartware Innovation, you will be able to sense the ripple effect before it happens, making decision making a breeze.

Society and Self

SyncFlow returns you to your True Authentic Self with Nature. We learn to hold and support each other moving from Ego to Eco.

Our yoga improves more than strength, balance and flexibility. It restores psychic and emotional well-being, reduces stress and increases your energy level to thrive another day.

Tune your body to connect deeply with your breathe for the ultimate sensation of love through touch.

SyncFlow introduces a movement that incorporates the principles of yoga, dance and martial arts. Self-expression through body intelligence by allowing the body to move naturally, strengthen the body in the process.

Experiential learning in Nature, the connection of our humanity. Trust our instinct take action without a doubt. All complexity and volatility becomes simple, thrive in ambiguity with the sense of freedom and joy.

SyncFlow removes all limits of what is possible and impossible, turn we are powerful beyond measure a reality. Sync and Flow freely in Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, Love and Joy.

It is time for awareness-based collective action

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