Achieve Conditioning Breakthroughs in Minutes

Typically our clients are individuals and companies, who have the challenge of waste or recurring stuck in different aspects of their life.
We help them through a practice for liberating them from their conditioning. Allowing them to tap into the flow of the essential from moment to moment. Take actions with precision, take leaps of faith naturally.


Personal growth, precision decision making.

Turn people you have challenges with to friends.

Dealing with relationships, heart to heart connection with parents, siblings, wife, child, friends, etc.

Other aspects of life like health, career/education, spiritual, and wealth.


Deals with change, how to be innovative, effective, and faster. Takes Leaps of faith naturally.

Turn competitors to collaborators.

Dealing with relationships, heart to heart connection with partners, colleagues, customers, etc.

Creates community awareness of your products are services.

Building an thriving and active Ecosystem.

Our team

Rendy Tan (Ravi)

Creator of SyncFlow

Rendy Tan, the Creator of the SyncFlow. IT Manager turned entrepreneur, active in the digital transformation space. Worked in organisations of different scale and complexity, from startups to MNC. He is also a Yoga instructor by the spiritual name of Ravi, since 2009.

+65 8805 2825

Vivian Passion Koh

Business Adviser and Ambassador

Vivian Passion Koh was recently crowned, Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019, Ms Elegance 2019. An exceptional entrepreneur who is very passionate in the Education & Enrichment Industry with more than 16 years of the educational experience.

+65 9693 7210

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