SyncFlow Background

SyncFlow setup the environment that allows the transition from Ego to Eco, allowing diverse groups of people of different specialities, unique differences, across cultures, sectors, genders and age to come together. Through our programs and services, we bring diversity together to ignite, integrate and shape our futures together, capitalising on the tension that divides us. SyncFlow is a boutique leadership transformation company that undertakes projects globally initiated in 2019 by Rendy Tan Ravi with the support of Dr Vivian Passion Koh, Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019.

SyncFlow officially established in 2020 and our focus mainly to assist business, society and self identify opportunities for growth created on the uncertainties and tension perpetuated by awareness-based gaps of society. By introducing Heartware Technology that enables Awareness-Based Collective Action, we build authentic relationships that last! We have many programs and services catering to different groups of business, society and self and it is highly customisable to suit different situations and needs from problem-solving to growing pains. Not limited to networking, training, facilitation, coaching, team building and leadership retreats.

Singapore is an international business hub for entrepreneurs, SMEs, High Net Worth Individuals and businesses seeking to make the most of all that Asia can offer. It is a strategic location, excellent business infrastructure, and global connectivity are perfect for businesses to thrive.

Our aim with SyncFlow is to help clients to make most of their decisions, instinctively take actions without a doubt. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Our approach ensures a deep dive towards the root of the problem to uncover the blind spots that stiffed the true potential of what is to emerge. The promise of an active ecosystem built on Trust, like a camel going through the eye of a needle! We give our clients an edge in the highly VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) landscape be it business, society or self with quality, dynamism, speed and even lifetime.

Our clients include business owners, coaches in other verticals, founders of platforms, start-up founders, etc. SyncFlow works with some prominent partners such as SHINE GoGLOBAL, BUDDY Holdings, G-UCAS Group, BISA Networking Platform, etc.

SyncFlow also works closely with MIT Presencing Institute in Asia on their projects in Singapore and the Asia Pacific, advocating the good of collaborative advantage in business, society and self.

What is SyncFlow?

A personal development program that evolves from Yoga Wellness and U Process brings us back to our Core; Who is the “I”, What is my “Work”. Through experiential learning, we harness the power of our breathing, Nature (Inner/Outer), body intelligence and social field innovations (dialogue) to build the capacity for Trust, consciousness and awareness in the relationships and how we communicate with ourselves, others and Earth.

Activities of SyncFlow?

We are a vibrant community that thrives in bring back the principles, values and practices of tribes who live by their cohesiveness and resonance with life fully supported by a neo-humanistic ecosystem.

We hold business, society and self to ignite, integrate and shape that future with us, realise what the challenges are trying to teach us through our networking, training, facilitation, coaching, team building and leadership retreats. (more)

Who should contact SyncFlow?

We have a wide range of services that helps business, society and self to grow. We enable leadership transformation through improving communication and relationships, capitalising on the tension and uncertainty that divides us.

Clients ranging from Adult, Youths and Couples to Coaches, Trainers, Facilitators, People Enablers, Leadership Development professionals, Business leaders, Companies going through a transformation

Our team

Rendy Tan Ravi

Founder of SyncFlow

Rendy Tan Ravi, the Founder of the SyncFlow. Managed digital transformation projects, Yoga, and Entrepreneurship knowing that there are much more to this chaotic world, divided by our tensions and uncertainties with the lack of awareness, creating results that nobody wants. He made a lifetime commitment in May 2018 to bridge the awareness-based gaps in society using SyncFlow as the blueprint.

Dr. Vivian Passion Koh

Co-Founder and Ambassador

Dr. Vivian Passion Koh is Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019 and was awarded the TKS Crown for Compassion 2020 and Ms Elegance 2019. She is a serial entrepreneur of various businesses. She is now on a global mission to educate, inspire, and change the world through her Pay Kindness Forward movement, which will be a catalyst to achieve the United Nations 17th Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

From The Founder's Desk

Hi there, thank you for visiting the website and showing interest in SyncFlow. Why I started SyncFlow and the Global Empowerment Program via SyncFlow (GEMS) a Pay It Forward Movement? You are about to find out.

Twelve years ago, if you asked me, would I have imagined what I am doing now? The answer is NO, BUT it is within the space of emerging possibility. Back then, I was a VP of a small software company in Singapore, serving SMEs and Startups in Singapore and the US. Passionate about my work gave me a lot of satisfaction but affected my health and relationship with my spouse. A lot happened within a short timeframe I was overwhelmed.

Twelve years ago, I left my first job after five years for new opportunities and better pay. That new job lasted for six months. I only received the notice on the fifth month left me stranded to find a new one within a month! Being young and naive, I did not plan well as a sole breadwinner, and my wife was pregnant! Earlier in the year, I just lost money in my investments!! What should I do?!

A lot to deal with under a lot of stress! With these major changes in my life, I started to ask questions. Who is the “I”? What is my “Work”?

Above is only one episode of the major ups and downs I have experienced in the last twelve years in business, society and self. I only realised much later that life is a blueprint designed to teach us through the people, environment and circumstances that surround us, preparation for taking our place in the world to serve for the greater good for all. Quoting German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche “That which does not kill me makes me stronger”. I did not merely survive. Since May 2018, I discovered processes that turn years to hours, even minutes, bridging the social awareness-based gaps that are the roots of the challenges we faced in life; business, society and self. I turned it into a blueprint to educate the masses through a safe and supported environment, building authentic relationships that last!

For a huge part of my career, I took the paths less taken by many. Taking extra-miles, exploring different things, making things faster, more efficient, how a system can replicate at all scales. Many of the ideas I had were revolutionary, short of a team and execution, I was living in the Trance of Scarcity. So many years ago, I asked myself these questions. 

I learned from these great personalities by observing the patterns, how everything is interconnected and related are no coincidence. They showed me the way for a better future. Together we will succeed! If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, Love and Joy
Rendy Tan Ravi
SyncFlow LLP

Life is effortless when you put in the right effort.